Our Programs

Early Care Preschool has individualized programs designed to meet each child’s ability. We implement milestones and learning standards that enable first steps into learning for each child. Early Care Preschool does not fit the same size for all children. We believe each child learns differently and at his/her own pace even if the children have the same diagnosed disability.

We focus on tailoring instruction according to the modality that aids the child to understand and learn introduced concepts. Our aim is to prepare all children in our program to successfully achieve set goals for Kindergarten readiness.

All children are individually unique with their own personality, abilities, strengths and challenges. Along with preparing educational fundamental goals, we place an emphasis on social skills for children with disabilities. It is essential for children with special needs to appropriately learn social interaction for daily participation among our society. Our curriculum is prepared with objectives that will develop the basic skills required to successfully achieve the academic ladder as well as skills needed for daily living.