Our facility is located in a residential neighborhood in the North Bronx. Our focus is to provide a high quality care and a rich learning environment for children with and without special needs. We emphasize on individual learning needs according to each child from 2 to 5 years old with visual impairments, speech disorders and learning disabilities. These are the tender years where children learn by imitation and environmental exploration; therefore, many children with special needs lack the opportunity of learning through personal discovery.

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Early Care Preschool is a Christian facility which includes a Bible curriculum within its academic program. We will sing songs, learn about Bible stories and share morning/afternoon prayers. Many fun filled activities are scheduled daily to spur their physical and spiritual growth. Although Early Care Preschool is a Christian facility, we welcome all children and families from all religious backgrounds. We will provide a very caring, happy and pleasant atmosphere for your child’s first school experience.

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At Early Care Preschool your child will receive fundamental tools in the areas of social, cognitive, language, physical and cultural skills. These tools will prepare him or her in the path of becoming a little scholar for tomorrow’s future. Our curriculum is developed by implementing milestones in combination with the New York Learning Standards throughout play and daily interactions. Additionally, we also offer after school, tutoring, homework assistance in adaptive learning modalities as well as assistive technology.

Our facility is affiliated with the Early Learn program as well as the following payments, HRA, ACS Vouchers and private payments (Cash, Apple Pay, Cash App etc)
Operational hours are Monday – Friday 7:30AM – 5:30 pm.

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3814 Harper ave

Bronx NY 10466

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